WoRk in pRoGrEsS ^_^

Pens are my bullets; this is the only way I know how
Expressing one’s self is harder than a holy cow
I don’t do personal talks I just let things pass me by
My actions betray me for it do the opposite of my heart’s desire.

I laugh, I smile, I’m as happy as I can ever be
But don’t be deceived for silence is my greatest enemy
Silence is the reality I usually fear to face
It drowns me with misery, the reality as it taste.

I cannot be comprehended for my life is not defined
My brain and my heart surprises me as they do their own crime
My actions cannot cope up when the former agrees with the latter
It’s too overwhelming it feels like I’m in fetter.

My life is like a castle built in the highest and thickest walls
It is created with enchantments to send away who falls
So don’t try to understand me for what your eyes can see
Cause my dear believe me there’s so much more in me.

I am a work in progress, getting down my own walls
Putting up all my courage and building up my balls
The thought of loosing you, I just can’t let it be
I only have one wish from you, please don’t give up on me.




Ready for 2015!


It is the first New Year in my life that I don’t wanna reminisce the year that have passed. Why? Because finally I am more than happy to live at the present and I’m very much excited to live it day by day.

Whatever happened in my 2014 lead me to who and what I am now and I will be forever grateful.

2014 has been a rollercoaster for me but truly at the end of every challenge, there will always be a new beginning. For me, 2015 will be my new beginning. Another chapter of my life will unfold and wherever life takes me I’ll enjoy every bit of it. I’ll worry not for I know that I have Him to back me up. Everything happens for a reason and everything has a purpose. And I’m starting to see mine.

My 2014 has taught me to worry not and compare not for each life has its own story. It taught me to be stronger and braver to face life and its struggles. It taught me that we are what we made ourselves to be. Our future will be defined by our own choices. So regardless if you are taking the same path the destination will always be different for each one of us. So let’s live our own life and not compare it with others.

And the most important lesson for me this 2014?? It is to NEVER SETTLE on what’s left and what is currently available but instead fight hard for what you believe you deserved. Because somewhere along the way, our prayers will be answered…in God’s perfect timing. This I am certain, for I think I just received the answer to my long awaited prayer. Hopefully, my 2015 will be full of love and happiness just as how my 2014 ended <3 <3 <3.

So now 2015, whether you’ll be good or bad to me, I’ll be forever grateful for I am blessed enough to live and experience it. I’m ready for you, 2015! Keep it coming baby! ^_^

Blessed Blessed Blessed 2015!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! ^_^


God’s Best *_*

What if you came to a point in your life where you are certain that you have found God’s best for you. You don’t know how, you don’t know why but you just felt so sure of it. Unexplainable. Unexpected.

No long conversations, no long encounters, just small talks, and short gazes that are non-conclusive. You have no idea who he is, yet you are certain that it is him .

What happened to me is just unexplainable. That moment we had that first gaze, I just knew it is Him. As if an angel whispered and confirmed it to me. That’s how certain I felt at that moment.

I find it funny when I hear myself say that I’m willing to let go of somebody else and willing to do everything to make it happen just because of that “gut feeling” that felt so certain even if I have nothing to hold on to. For God’s sake I just met him and have no idea of his background.

I keep on telling myself to TRUST God. It will happen. I don’t know when I, don’t know where, I don’t know how, I just know it will.

Few “special” friendships have passed, and everytime, I took over, I took control and as expected I ended up hurting myself.

But now I realized and accepted the fact the God knows better than I, so I’ll let go and hold on to faith. This time I need no long conversation, no touch, no kiss. All I need is God’s vision for me and I’m excited to say that I already found him, God’s best for me. Soon I know in my heart it will happen. I got God’s confirmation! ^_^

Please pray with me and for me. Crossing my fingers.

17 Things To Expect When You Date A Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own by Kovie Biakolo

Being independent is both fullfilling and challenging. You’re strongest at your time of vulnerability, your freedom is your happiness, and your weakness is your pride. It is a competition with yourself to become better and to outgrew your immaturities. And mostly, independence sometimes overpower our ability to fall in love.

This article of Kovie Biakolo indeed defines what independent people mostly cannot express and more often these are the characteristics they themselves are not aware they have. So here is a guide to understanding us:

17 Things To Expect When You Date A Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own
by Kovie Biakolo

1. Expect her to do her own thing often and without letting you know, at least at first. It’s not that you don’t matter; it’s just that she’s learned to love doing what she wants, when she wants, and without asking permission or informing anyone.

2. She’ll probably want to take things slowly because she’ll not be used to all the attention. Don’t think she doesn’t like you enough, she probably likes you a lot; it’s just all new to her.

3. Expect her friends to be overprotective of her and to be suspicious of you at first. They’re not used to her being with someone and they’ll want to make sure you’re the kind of guy who will treat her well.

4. She’ll have a hard time letting you do things for her. Try not to take this personally. She’s just used to taking care of herself and it’ll be hard for her to live in a world where she’s got someone else looking out for her in that way.

5. Expect her to be stubborn, to always want things her way, and to fight you when she doesn’t get it. Don’t always give in to her, but do let her win sometimes.

6. She needs to be left alone often especially when you first start seeing each other and it should feel like she’s head over heels. Believe that she has more butterflies in her stomach than she knows what to do with, which is why she’ll need to compose herself.

7. Expect her to pull away from you, especially when she realizes how much she likes you. She’ll come back to you but she’ll need time to think her feelings through.

8. She’ll question you, sometimes directly, sometimes implicitly, about your feelings for her. She’ll always want to know if they are real or if she’s making things up in her head.

9. Expect her to be headstrong. She’ll tell you, “I’ve got this,” more than you’ll want to hear. But she’ll get used to your offers to help. And in time she’ll know how to let go of the tight grip she seems to have on everything.

10. She’ll be guarded, and she won’t be keen on letting you in. She’s waiting to see if you’re patient, she’s waiting to see if you’re worth it. She’s hoping that you’re worth it.

11. Expect her to be stingy with trust, to only give a little bit at a time. But every time she gives you a little, it’ll feel like a big step for her. Cherish these big steps.

12. She’ll come across as strong, maybe too strong for you at first. But don’t be intimidated, this is her outer shell. And when you get to know her, you’ll know she’s strong but soft; tough but kind.

13. Expect her to be reserved, at least about the things that matter. Until you really get to know her. And then you’ll see the untamed, raw, and always beautiful open version of her that she’ll let you fully discover.

14. She’ll be slow with her vulnerabilities, and hide many of her weaknesses. And when she shows you them, she’ll feel naked. Clothe her with your words.

15. Expect her not to need you, and not to believe in needing much of anything at all. But she’ll want you. And when she does, it’ll be the most exhilarating feeling you’ve ever experienced.

16. She’ll be scared – scared to be hurt, scared to love, and be loved. Scared that you’ll eventually hurt her or leave her and if and when that happens, she won’t know who she was before.

17. Being alone is her default, it’s her comfort zone. But expect her to fall in love with you faster than she’ll admit and in a way that isn’t loud but still powerful; it’ll be like a little bit of heaven. And it won’t matter if you love her for a while or for a lifetime; her love will change both you and her forever.

Please see link below if you want more of her:

Have a nice day! ^_^

Jesus: The Light of the World


The night is filled with darkness and not a single beam of light can be seen. I feel my hair rising as I feel the chill of the air brush on my skin. I hear my heart pounding as fast as it ever did as I hear voices, laughing and teasing, whispering and screaming. I feel my knees trembling as I hear footsteps getting closer and louder making me want to run faster and farther.

I continued with my walk not knowing when to stop, a never ending path, a journey that seems not to end. I am trapped in darkness not knowing what lies ahead and clueless on where I have been. I’m back from where I started and farthest from where I have been. I’m circling through the journey of darkness and felt more lost than I have ever been.

Imagine the world without light and imagine your life without God. Isn’t it the same? Nakakatakot! Nakakalula! Roving through the darkness blinded and unguided.  No stoplight to guide you when and where to stop, no street signs to inform you if you are on the wrong path, and no officer to catch and reprimand you in every violation that you make.

John 8:12 “I am the light the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, and will have the light of life”

As Jesus have spoken in John 8:12, He gave us an opportunity to be relieved from darkness if we open our hearts to Him and accept that He is the only way, the truth and the life. He gave us the chance to change our lives, to forego of our past and to surrender all our baggage to Him. He enlightened our hearts with the truth that all we need is Him for He is indeed the light of the world.

The path has already been defined. The directions have already been instructed. It is then our choice if we will take the road less travelled and follow the light or we’ll walk through the valley of darkness and receive no salvation.

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R.I.P Popoy :(


Tears keep falling like there’s no tomorrow
Our heart is breaking into pieces because of this sorrow
The agony has ended and we are all in despair
Loosing you is painful and beyond repair

No words can describe how frustrating it can be
The pain and the suffering in their eyes you can see
If only they could hear, “let go and be free”
But we are just as helpless waiting for thee

This has a purpose no question need be asked
We are just so grateful for everything that have passed
You are a blessing a gift from above
Hush now Popoy rest in peace with our love


Bon Voyage Miggy :(


Our eyes is drowning with tears
Our heart is weeping in sorrow
Our longing of you is crippling
The silence without you is deafening

Its time to let go and say goodbye
Though we are not yet ready to see you die
Its better this way than hear you cry
Than see you stare and feel the pain in your eye

Bon Voyage Miggy and rest in peace
We’ll miss your cuddling and your petty tease
You are a family and will always be
So go with Him peacefully and just let things be.

tiRZaH ©


Hello and Goodbye!

hello and goodbye

I’m over you and yet I cry
Tears of pain to hide I try
You seem to have found your one true love
I seem to have just accepted that your the one I love

My future holds the beauty of the unknown
The blankness of tomorrow that you couldn’t have blown
I wish to move forward to that uncertainty though
For I’m sure that it will be less painful than letting you go

Two years of pain, of tears and of cries
Two years of cluelessness, without even sweet goodbyes
And now that you have chosen to kill and let it die
ts time for me to step forward and finally say GOODBYE.



mOviNg fOrWaRd! ^_^


My clock ticks backward to  the point of no return
Its trap with the memories the past had already burned
Playing with the ashes resurfacing the fire
Reliving the history reopening the scar.

The heaven have cried for a lesson not learned
Cursing tomorrow for a future not earned
Living for the past defines what lies ahead
A continuous cycle written until we’re dead.

The beauty of tomorrow is the challenge of the unknown
The excitement of the unexpected than the surprises already blown
The laughter of the future than the cries of the past
The opportunity to change and grow for a future that will last.

One step forward and everything will change
Little by little it will forever be estranged
Looking forward guided by the past
Moving onward until today becomes a blast.



A or B? Help!!!!!! Anyone?


This past few months has indeed been challenging, from overwhelming to depression, from a stronghold to letting go, from a complete reliance in faith to getting rid of toxic faith, from grasping and accepting the reality to questioning every little bit of what’s happening.

I lose control of my emotions. I keep on holding back my tears for it is struggling to flow every moment that it gets. I lose the keenness to appreciate the goodness in my surroundings and only see how unfair world can be. I became hopeless for I cannot find ways to release me from this pain, from this self-pity. And worst, I am swallowed with pride that I chose to face this realm by myself. Even writing has not been an option.

I chose to hold on to God and put everything in His hands. But, unfortunately for me, time came when my impatience get a hold of me. I cried my heart out to Him questioning all my misfortunes. I grew tired of waiting and believing and started to question my faith. For almost two weeks, I refrain communicating to my only support system. I am all alone.

His kindness was indeed so remarkable, for even when I am no longer asking He still provided all my needs. He woke me up from this toxic faith, from this wrong faith that I am holding on to. He made me realized, through the help of Bo Sanchez, that all this time I am looking at faith the wrong way. I relied my life too much to faith that I myself let go of it. I did not establish any plan but instead just wait and accept what life has to offer.

He opened my eyes to the reality that life is guided by Him but is created by ourselves. He taught me that He only mandated two options: the bad and the good. Choosing one entails another multiple choices, choices which He left for us to handle. His plans in our lives are not specific. He wants us to live life in accordance to what we want in whatever way we want as long as we do it with the right purpose, which is to give glory to His name.

He taught me to be deliberate in my life. Know what you want and pray for it. Create a plan. Define your life!

With this renewed faith, He instantly provided me with overwhelming blessings (career wise). His marvellous hands now left me with two awesome options, to work with a well established foundation where I believe would help me grow not only with my career but also with other aspects of life that I want to develop including but not limited to: colleague relationship, photography, physical development, spiritual growth, the executive feel I have always wanted and various charitable experiences.  With this option, I already know where I will live and my daily routine. But in contrary would provide me the same working environment that I’ve experienced for more than four years now, same daily routine, almost same people. My life will be defined, too defined!.

On the other hand, the other option offers me a totally new environment. A firsthand experience on how the government works. A more challenging work load that is not limited only in my career expertise, a broader exposure to different aspects of business. An opportunity to specialize in the industry that I love to master, a chance to bring change within our country, a career path that is not at all defined. And this is probably where my fears are coming from, fear of not knowing what I will be facing. And since government positions are coterminous, meaning if Philippine President Noynoy Aquino has 3 years left in his term, this job opportunity is only for three years. This option is not for long term. After three years, I’ll be going through the same dilemma again.

I know for sure that both are God’s will, so I just have to choose what I want more. And the problem now is I want both equally. I want the first one for it will provide me a well balanced life and I want the second one for it will provide me a good career opportunity.

For months I have been frustrated for lack of options, and now I’m still frustrated with two awesome options. I have nothing else to do but pray for wisdom to make the right decision.

As You have revealed to me last Tuesday: “ I can do all things through Christ – Philippians 4:13”. I know for sure that whatever option I choose will be perfect for me. My only prayer now is that may Your will be done in my life. And please Lord enlighten me through your people that is around me.

So now the question still remains. A or B?? help! anyone?

“Work for a cause, NOT for applause. Live life to express, NOT to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” – unknown


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